WARNING – Pimple Popper Tools Can Destroy Your Skin!

Note: This post is very direct and may upset some sensitive individuals. If you think you fall into this category read on at your own risk.

You wake up, look in the mirror and see a big red pimple staring you back in the face, you freak then go straight for the pimple popper tool. This is a great idea right?  Use the tool.. pop the pimple and problem solved ye?

Well no! This is not really the case. While most of the time when your popping a pimple it looks as if the inflammation has gone, and it looks better, what has actually happened is some of the pus (infection) has gone deeper into the skin, the pore can possibly become disfigured and in rare cases even cause long term acne scaring.


If you are willing to take the risk with hope that none of what I said above will happen to you then good luck. I cannot support you with this decision as you are seriously putting your skin at risk.


Not only is it risky using a pimple popping tool to get rid of pimples, but it is also stupid. The reason I say this is because you could wake up with one pimple, pop it, and then go to bed with 3 new ones. Confused? Let me explain…

When pressure is put on a pimple until it eventually pops some of the infection comes out onto the skin, some goes deeper within the pore. This makes you much more likely for a secondary infection (acne breakouts).

Have you ever wondered how you seem to get get acne in a cluster? Well that is one of the reason why.


There is also a danger when popping pimples, a real danger that could destroy your self esteem and confidence well after your acne has gone. This danger is long term scaring that could potentially require surgery to fix.

It’s very rare that this happens but it does and could easily happen to you. If you do not mind having scars then carry on with what you are doing, but if this scares the sh*t out of you then great, because that hopefully means you are never going to go near a pimple extractor tool again, which was the whole purpose of this post, to discourage you away for these horrible tools.


You have decided to no longer use an extractor tool. How are my now going to get rid of pimples then? This is what you thinking right?…

The best advice I could give is leave your body do its job, which is to heal itself naturally over time. However I know this is not an option for most people.

The next best idea if the pimple was small or in an area that was not very bothersome to you would be to conceal it. There are many acne concealers on the market these days that are non-comedogenic (wont clog pores) that can be used.

If the pimple is in an area that is bothersome, leaving you with no choice but to pop it take as much risk out of it as possible. Below I have provided a step-by-step routine to get rid of pimples using a dermatologist-approved method.


Step 1

Clean the infected area.

Step 2

Sterilize the tip of  needle. You can do this by holding it over a naked flame for 3+ seconds or use a surgical spirit to wipe clean.

Step 3

Very careful nick the surface of the pimple.

Step 4

Drain the infection using cotton swabs.

Step 5

Finish off by cleaning the area with 20 vol hydrogen peroxide solution.


Have you got any secrets that you could share on ways to safely get rid of pimples?

Everyone here would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes of your time to share it in the comment section below. Cheers!

Rob Thom

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