Does The ANSR Beam Really Work For Acne

A commonly asked question regarding the ANSR Beam is does it really work on acne? Or is it all hype with no actual results. In this post I want to put this question to rest by providing all the proof you need that the ANSR beam does indeed work on acne…for most.

How It Works?

The ANSR beam works by utilizing the power of light therapy. The device has a blue LED and red LED light which both work together to help get rid of acne, as well as other skin conditions, but this post is only focusing on acne.

The blue (LED) light kills bacteria which helps by making sure there is no bacteria on the face for acne to thrive. The red (LED) light then helps to reduce redness, tightens pores and helps rejuvenate the skin.

With these two working together you have something that has great potential to help get rid of acne.

Used At Spas And In Other Beauty Places

The technology behind the ANSR Beam is used in spas and other beauty places. If you decided to get what the ANSR beam can do at home for you professionally, because repeat treatments will be needed it can cost over $1000+ deepening on were you go and the area.

While this does not prove that the ANSR Beam works on acne it does show that the technology behind the device must be effective, or you would never get people paying that sort of price for something that did not work.

The Results I Have Achieved?

If you have read my ANSR beam review you will already have an idea of the results that I achieved using it, however I am going to go into more detail for the purpose of this post.

I am going to break down my results by weeks and when a big change happened (good or bad), to give you the most detailed report to show what results you could possibly expect to get, although it is important to remember everyone will see different results as the cause of acne is not the same for any individual.

The results are broken down over a 3 month period

Week 1

During week one my acne actually got worse, not something that filled me with confidence as I had only just payed over $100 for this device. What helped me is I knew that this could be a “purging” phase, which for you who are not sure what this means is basically all the gunk etc coming to the surface of the skin when you use a new product.

That was pretty much how week 1 went, so as you can see it was not a good week at all. In-fact I was almost ready to give up on using it. I think the only think that stopped me was knowing how much I had spent on it.

Week 3

During the next 2 weeks things went the same, some days no acne breakouts which would get my hopes up, followed by the next few days with breakouts. Then at week 3  I first noticed some positive results regarding my skin, the redness had become much better, and I noticed my breakouts were healing much faster (usually within 3-5 days).

Week 3 was a big week in regards to finally getting some visible results. Before this week I was feeling very down on about the results I was getting, or I should say the results I was not getting. However this week gave me new hope and renewed believe that this light acne treatment could actually work.

Week 5

By now I was over a month into using the ANSR beam. The results really started to gain momentum and the money I spent on the device begun to feel like more of an investment rather than a waste of money.

As far as results go redness was 99% gone, many existing pimples were finally gone, no new breakouts for over a week and my skin looked more vibrant over-all.

Week 9

From week 5-9 was pretty much the same, steady progress towards clear, healthy and acne-free skin. All seemed to be going extremely well, that was until just over 2 months in, at week 9 when I hit a stumbling block. Three new acne breakouts appeared on my forehead. They were nothing major but never the less it was a step back.

This got me down for 2 days as I thought maybe this was just another acne product that would work for a month or two then start to make my skin worse again.

The good news is the acne breakouts on my forehead were gone within 5 days, which is much faster than my acne would previously heal.

Week 12

This was the last month I decided to closely track my progress using the ANSR beam as I wanted to start using a similar product to see if similar or better results could be achieved, more will be revealed on that in a later post.

Anyway on the last update there was not much more to say other than my acne was getting better and better by the day, breakouts were much less often, skin felt smoother and my complexion looked radiant and much more vibrant than before using the ANSR beam.

Overall as you can see I really had a good experience with the ANSR beam with treating my acne. However I know you still might be skeptical on whether the acne light therapy device actually works. This is the reason that I am also going to share with you the results of others.

What Others Have Achieved Using The ASNR Beam?

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Tell Me About Your Experience Using The ANSR Beam Or A Similar Acne Treatment

If you have used the ANSR beam or a similar product to get rid of your acne I want to know what results you achieved, whether they were good or bad. I really think this will help others who have yet not decided on whether this is for them or not.

Rob Thomas


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