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The Clarisonic Pro is the secret that a lot of people with flawless skin have been keeping – but now it’s out! This skincare product is seriously one of the best things you can buy for your skin, especially for acne prone or dry skin. The only problem is the price, at around $200 it is very expensive, however I have found where you can buy Clarisonic Pro cheap – click here to find out where!

Video Review – Clarisonic Pro

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The price you can get the Clarisonic Pro for above is amazing value. If you are unsure whether the Clarisonic Pro is for you or not you can read over 100 customer reviews here. 


What I Like About The Clarisonic Pro

4 Power Levels 

Three lower speeds for the facial area and one higher speed level for the body. The reason there is a higher speed for the body is because the skin is less sensitive in these areas and will need more aggressive treatment to remove dead skin cells and dirt etc. Where-as with the facial area you will need to be very gentle or you could risk aggravating the skin causing redness or worse.


Because the Clarisonic Pro costs a lot of money you may be worried about getting water on it, however there is no need to because the Clarisonic Pro is waterproof and will not brake if you get some water on it.

Clears Pores 

The Clarisonic Pro removes dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil from deep within the pores keeping them clean and clear lowering the risk of acne breakouts.

Products Are Absorbed Better

After using the Clarisonic Pro skincare products are absorbed better into the skin making them more effective

Can Be Used On All Skin Types

The Clarisonic Pro can be used on all skin types, including acne prone and sensitive skin as there are lower speed settings which will be gentle enough not to aggravate the skin.


What I Disliked About The Clarisonic Pro


The price of the Clarisonic Pro at around $200-$230 is very high. While you are getting a top quality product I know it is still very difficult to justify spending that much money on a skincare product, especially when results cannot be guaranteed.

Changing The Brush Head

The brush head on the Clarisonic Pro will need to be changed every few months as it deteriorates. You will know when this has happened as the bristles will start to become brittle and split. If you want help in deciding what brush head to get next click here.

Cleaning  The Device

After each time you use the device you will need to make sure you have cleaned the device correctly or bacteria, impurities and dead skin cells etc will begin to build up on the brush head.

 What You Get In The Box?

- Clarisonic Pro Deluxe 4-Speed Skin Care Brush

- One Sensitive Brush Head

- 3 Trial Size Facial Cleansers

Used By Professionals

The Pro is a favorite of Dermatologist and others in the skincare and beauty profession.  If you enjoy going to spa’s you may have even seen the Clarisonic Pro being used or you may have even had it used on you. If you have already used the Clarisonic Pro you will already know how good it can work on the skin.

The Perfect Gift

If you are looking to buy a gift for someone, especially someone who likes to look after there skin I can guarantee you they will love the Clarisonic Pro skincare brush.

You can also get the Clarisonic Pro in many different colors which include white, pink & grey with many limited edition version also released regularly.


Clarisonic Mia Best Price 

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