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Below is my Clarisonic Mia Review. Hope you find it helpful, if you have any questions after reading please leave a comment below or use the contact form above. I have created this review to help others decide whether the Mia is for them or not. Enjoy!


How Does It Work?

Pros + Cons!

My Over-all Rating

What Is Included In The Box?

Where To Buy Clarisonic Mia Online?

Who Is The Clarisonic Mia For?

The Mia is for anyone of any age who wants healthy, glowing and vibrant looking skin. Whether you have normal skin, dry skin, combination or acne-prone skin the Mia can help promote new skin growth.

I have oily, acne prone skin, however since using the Mia for over 3 months I have seen less breakouts, smoother and over-all better looking skin, result!

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Pros + Cons!


Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemish, visible pores and more

Having used the device for over 3 months I can definitely say through results I’ve achieved that it does help reduce blemishes and shrunk pores. With the fine lines and wrinkles I have not personally used it for that as thankfully I haven’t got any, and I’m hoping not for a long time either.

Because I knew many of you visiting here would be interested in whether the Clarisonic Mia cleansing system works on fine lines and wrinkles I asked a friend who has used it for this purpose. What she said was that it did help reduce the appearance of the really fine lines around some areas of the face, however it did not help much with the deeper more problematic areas. I then asked if she’d recommend the Mia for this purpose which she answered with a very loud…YES!


You can use the Mia in the bath or shower as it is fully water-proof, just make sure not to use it while bathing, or were the cradle can drop or be pulled into the tub or sink as with all electrical devices.

Helps Products Absorb Into The Skin More Effectively

When I read that it could help products absorb more effectively into the skin making them more effective I did not really think it would, but I have to admit I really feel as if it has.

Fast Noticeable Results

With most products of this nature you usually have to wait a while before seeing any real visible results, but for me I did see visible results after around 7-10 days of using the Mia. What is important to remember tho is that everyone has different skin problems and the results I have achieved will be very different to what others achieve. Some may see better and quicker results than I did, were-as some may not get any.

Dermatologist Tested

The Mia has not only been tested and approved by dermatologists, but it is also highly recommended by them and many others in the skin care industry. Whenever I look to buy a product for my skin I always make sure that it has been tested by a dermatologist, so when I read that this was also highly recommended by them, cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians it was a massive plus in my decision to buy.


One of the big differences between the Clarisonic Mia Vs Clarisonic Classic is the size. The Mia is a much smaller model which makes it very convenient as it will fit into a small bag, great for traveling.

I do not travel much but when I do go on holidays having the Mia be such a nice size does help, especially when you have a big family as I do and you are trying to keep luggage to a minimum.

Works On All Skin Types

Were a lot of skin care products work best for certain types of skin the Mia will work just as good for all skin types. As I have already mentioned above I have oily, acne-prone sensitive skin, my friend has mature, dry skin. The device has worked just as effectively for both of us an our skin types could not be more different.

Soft And Gentle On The Skin

I find with many skin cleansing systems they can be to harsh on the skin, which can aggravate it causing redness and other side effects. However with the Mia I did not find this to be any problem at all, in-fact it actually felt really good on the skin, making it feel very smooth and very cleane afterwards.

International Charger

If you go abroad a-lot and are worried that you wont be able to take your Mia with you do not fear, as it comes with an international charger, however you may still need an adapter for some countries.


The Price

What turns a lot of people of this skin cleansing brush is the price, and if I’m honest it was not until I found the price at Amazon for a great discount that I decided to take the risk and make the purchase.

I think the average retail price for the device is about $130-$150, this may have now changed but I picked mine up at $104.00 from Amazon (June 17, 2011). Now I have my Mia I would have no problem paying $150 or more for it.

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Takes Up to 24 Hours To Fully Charge

That’s right, the device takes a shocking 24 hours to charge, and for that you get a MASSIVE 20 minutes of use, which if were honest is not great. What I will say tho is 20 minutes of use can actually last some time if your only using the Mia once a day or less, as you only need to use it
for 1 minute per use, doing the simple math will test is that 20 minutes if used once a day will last 20 days before it needs another charge, which when put in that way is actually not to bad.

Needs To Be Hidden From Family Members

Once you start using the Clasrisonic Mia and the results become visible for all to see I can guarantee you that other family members will be fighting to use it. I now keep mine locked away in a safe, no joke! It’s not that I’m being selfish but it is actually advised by Clarisonic that you do not let other use the device as this can spread bacteria and possible infection etc.

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How Does It Work?

  • Charge The Mia For 24 hours
  • Wet the skin with lukewarm water
  • Apply your cleanser of choice onto the brush head
  • Turn on the the cleanser and use circular movements over the skin for 1 minute
  • Recommend times for certain sections of the face are 20 seconds on forehead, 10 seconds for nose & chin, 10 seconds for each check.

The Mia works by removing up to 6x more make up, 2x more oil and dirt from deep within the pores than manual cleansing using hands with it’s rotating head that moves over 300 times per second.

By using the Mia once or twice a day for the recommended amount of time of one minute per
use you should see a significant improvement in your skin within 30 days from my experience.

When it comes to cleansers, most are fine to use with the device except abrasive cleansers as they can be to harsh on the skin when used with the Clarisonic Mia. I prefer to use foaming cleansers as I like how they feel on the skin, but this is totally your choice and whatever works best for you is the best option.

Although the booklet recommends using the Mia for set amounts of time on each section of the face I find this is not really necessary and I personally do not do it.

Clarisonic Mia Innovative Brush Head

The brush head of the Clarisonic is very innovative, much like the brand itself and the reason I love it so much…always staying ahead of the curve.

The brush has 2 parts, the outer layer which is stationery, and the inner layer (oscillating) brush which rotates at 300 movements per second. This effect allows the brush to work 50% better than cleansing with the hands alone.

When it comes to replacing the brush head 3 -4 months is the recommended amount of time, however I have had mine now a little over that time, using it once a day on average and there is no sign it needs a new one yet.

However I am considering getting Clarisonic Replacement Brush Heads as they are currently at a very low price at Amazon.

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How To & Often Should I Cleanse The Mia?

It is recommended that you clean the Mia once every 7 days, separating the brush head from the body cleansing separately using soapy water to remove residue build-up. To dry use a clean towel and rub the brush head for a good 5-10 minutes with the device turned on.

Cleaning the device every 7 days for me is a little to long to wait, I find after 2-3 days there is a lot of dirt and other impurities built up on the brush head. Whether I just have extremely dirty skin or this is the thoughts of others also I am not sure, but that is just what I have found.

What Is Included In The Box?

  • 1 Clarisonic Mia
  • 1 Sensitive Brush Head (Note: Grey Color comes with normal brush head)
  • International Charger
  • Gentle Hydro Cleanser Trial Size
  • Booklet With Instructions And Information On The Cleanser

Where To Buy Clarisonic Mia Online?

There is only 1 place I can recommend that you get the Mia from. This store is:

I love Amazon, not only because they offer the Clarisonic Mia best price, but because they are a well established and trusted brand, o ye and there  honest reviews from customers are also great when deciding on whether an item is worth it or not.

With Amazon I have found you have to be quick when something is selling for cheap, becuase the prices can fluctuate a lot and what might be 50% off one day may only be 5% off a few days later.

Find Out How Much The Clarisonic Mia Is Currently Selling for At Amazon

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My Over-all Rating:


My rating for the Clarisonic Mia is a 9/10. I truly think that it deserves those high marks because what it has done to my skin in the short 3 months time I have had the Mia is more than what any other cleanser has in 3 years. If my opinion changes on this the longer I have the it for, whether for the better or worse I will update these ratings.

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