DO NOT Damage Your Skin.. Use Chemical Free Skin Care Products!

Did you know? On average 200 chemicals are being rubbed into the skin on a daily basis!

Addicted Skincare is a site that promotes the use of mostly natural skin care products.

Here you will find product reviews, free *no crap* informational on how to get rid of acne naturally, and me (Bobby) the guy who tries to run this site.. if you come here and the site appears broken it will most likely be me buggering some setting up on the back-end! ha.


Why Natural Skin Care Products?

  • Works with the skin and not against it
  • You’re not adding unknown chemicals onto your skin
  • Used for thousands of years
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Best  Skin Care Products
Addicted Skincare Blog

What Are The Best Skin Care Products Currently On The Market?

1. Clarisonic Brushes

The best skin care product right now in my opinion, and celebrities, professionals and millions of fans is the.. Clarisonic Skincare Brushes.

Click Here To View My Clarisonic Resource Page

There you will find reviews, comparisons and where to buy all the Clarisonic models for the best price.

* More top skincare products to be added soon.

The Addicted Skincare Blog

If you’re struggling with acne and want my personal tips, techniques and challenges to help you get clear skin naturally you are going to love the Addicted Skincare Blog.

However I need to warn you, if you’re looking for a quick fix you are going to be disappointed. In-fact unlike other sites I cannot guarantee you any results at all, but what I can say is I have had results, and many others who have used my tips etc have also seen good results, however that does not mean you will.

So to sum it up if you’re looking for honest information on how to naturally treat acne without any of the crap you see all over the net go and check out the blog.

From The Blog:

About Me

Me: Bobby

This is my story, and the reason I started Addicted Skincare. This is where you can learn more about me (Bobby), and Addicted Skincare.

First off my name is Robert, but most people call me Bobby.

I live in a small country called Wales, if your wondering it is the one attached to England.

The population here in Wales is around 2 million, which when compared to England who have around 50 million is tiny.

My journey through life was going well, that was until around the age of 13-14 when I begun to get acne breakouts..

To read my full story go here.

I Call On All Of You To Help Me.. Please?

Right now Addicted Skincare is a new site and only I promote it (try to anyway) and there is not much people coming here.

The reason for that could be because the site sucks, personally I really like it but that could be me being biased.

However if you agree and have found Addicted Skincare helpful I would massively appreciate it if you could use the share buttons below, or tell a friend to help get the word out.

Hey.. I even done a dance for you >>




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